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Meet the HP Crew

          Healthy Pet is a local, independently owned pet supply store founded by Mike and Deborah Seitz. The dream of Healthy Pet and other endeavors started with Tanya - Mike and Deb's Irish Wolfhound puppy. Deb wanted to know everything about grooming Tanya properly, so she went to a pet grooming school in Eugene, Oregon. Mike and Deb opened their first pet-related business in California in 1977. It was a little grooming shop called The Plush Puppy. It was there they first started selling the best, and most natural grooming products for pets. This idea then flourished into opening full-line pet stores, specializing in healthy and holistic pet foods and supplies.
          After opening a few stores in California they took a family trip to Oregon. While driving down Boones Ferry Road, on their way to see friends, Deb noticed a "for lease" sign on a building. Mike pulled into the parking lot, peeked in all the windows while Deb jotted down the phone number.  That was in August of 1986. Two weeks later they moved to Lake Oswego where Mike began building Healthy Pet, (originally Pet City), fixture by fixture.  
         Now, 40 years and 11 stores since The Plush Puppy opened, Mike & Deb have retired due to Mike's ill-health.  They have kept their favorite store though - Healthy Pet in Lake Oswego, thanks to their outstanding crew!! Mike & Deb feel very fortunate to have such a caring & competent staff.  This year Healthy Pet will celebrate its 31st anniversary and continue to provide "The best for your pet - naturally!"  Mike & Deb have enjoyed being a small part of the pet industry. It has been an especially fun, happy & often hilarious business in Lake Oswego - a wonderful community.
           For several decades now we've prided ourselves on having a passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated, and friendly staff. We care about all of our two and four legged customers greatly and we are always here to help in any way we can. Here's a little more about the familiar faces you'll see every time you stop by Healthy Pet, still in it's original location.  

Sadie - Manager

 I have worked at Healthy Pet since 2002 and became manager in 2007. I am married and we have 3 kids. I have always had at least one pet throughout my life. I have had many fish tanks, rats (and bred them), hamsters, mice (included a tiny baby field mouse a customer rescued and I hand raised), cats and dogs. At the moment I have 2 fish tanks, 2 cats and a dog. Throughout the years I have had a dog (plot hound mix) with an autoimmune disorder that affected his eyes and inherited an elderly incontinent Bishon who live for 1 confused anxiety ridden year (she missed her person very much). I love working at Healthy Pet because I go home every night not feeling stressed after work. It' s rewarding to help people keep their pets happy and healthy.

Kate - Assistant Manager

I can’t remember a time where pets weren’t one of the most important things in my life. I grew up with Labrador Retrievers - the smart, stubborn, garbage disposals of the dog world. They taught me patience, humor and the importance of exercising your pets… Healthy Pet became my third job out of high school in 2007 and I’ve never wanted to leave. Right around the time I started working here my cat “Kitten” was dropped off at my door and has been with me since. It wasn’t long before I took home a little sister for him, Stoli, a rescue kitten from Healthy Pet. I now have a third kitty, Yuna, as well. I also have two dogs that live with my parents: George - a pitbull (American Staffordshire Terrier) who loves blankets and coats, snuggles, sunbathing, playing tug and breaking stereotypes, and Winnie - the chuck-it ball obsessed Golden Retriever who likes to give hugs, chase birds on the beach, dig holes, and get way too excited about meeting new people. In case that wasn’t enough I have several bettas, a leopard gecko, and an axolotl! One of the many reasons I’ve never been able to leave my job here at Healthy Pet is my desire to have a positive impact on the lives of people and animals. So regardless of your problem, we’re here to listen and try our best to come up with solutions. Trust me, we’ve heard it all, and I love a good challenge. 

Brittney - Assistant Manager

Hey there! My name is Brittney and next to me is my right-hand-guy, Max! I’m 28 years old and Max is 7. Throughout my life I’ve always had furry best friends. Currently, in addition to Max, I also have 3 camera shy cats - Chowder, Calvin, and Cubby. I started working at Healthy Pet in 2011 and I’ve never been happier. My coworkers are like my family. We are always able to learn from and bounce ideas off each other. In my adult life I have dealt with many health issues with my fur babies: Renal failure, hyperthyroidism, cancer, stomatitis, food allergies and even ocular herpes. Needless to say I’ve definitely dealt with an array of different issues. While many of these things required lots of vet visits there was often nutritional and supplemental aids that helped as well. So please don’t hesitate to ask me or any of my coworkers if you have any problems and questions about your four-legged friends. We love to help!


My name is Julia, though you might hear me being called "Jables" or "Jabes" at the store. I started working at Healthy Pet in 2014 and have loved every day here. I currently live with my sister, our 4 dogs (Marlow, Ellie, Feliz, and Benny), 3 cats (Koala, Luna, and Puppycat), 3 rabbits (Buster, Betty, and Boop), and tortoise (Lucky). Over the last few years I have dealt with food allergies, neonatal (bottle raised) kittens, feline renal disease, and subcutaneous fluids. I also have experience with raising cats, dogs, rabbits, and chickens. When I am not working I can be found baking, watching TV, or playing video games. I love working at Healthy Pet because I get to work with animals and help them thrive. 


I’ve had an interest in animals my entire life. As a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian, and grew up owning everything from cats, to birds, to fish, to dogs, and even hermit crabs. I started working at Healthy Pet in September of 2015, and have loved it ever since! I already had a background in pet food and nutrition from a previous job, and working here has only expanded upon that. Shortly after I started working, I adopted two kittens from Healthy Pet, Kimchi and Soju. I also have a Boxer/Labrador mix named Rocket that I got in early 2017 and a Labrador mix named Sophie who is an old lady that now lives with my grandparents, due to her severe separation anxiety. Other than my furry pets, I’ve also owned three bettas since starting at Healthy Pet. My interests outside of animals include cooking and baking, playing video games, and making art (most of the signs in the store are drawn by me!) Working at Healthy Pet has been the best job I’ve ever had. Not only do I get to work with my friends, but I get to help animals and their owners every day. I love working to find solutions to behavioral or dietary issues. 


It is fascinating to see in both my co-workers and the customers how different animals can have so much impact on the stages of our lives. Most of the pets I grew up with weren’t around for a very long time (specifically the cockatiel, the hamster, the Lhasa apso and the rat.) And after saying goodbye to my childhood friend Happy, a Havanese, I swore off loving animals forever, lest I become broken hearted once again. That didn’t last terribly long though, for I soon after met Percy, my soulmate feline, a handsome grey tuxedo shorthair. He’s a seemingly ageless cat that can’t spend enough time sleeping on my bed during the winter, and bringing me “presents” he “finds” outside every other day in the spring and summer months. He’s a tough guy who’s only fear is my roommate's little silver tabby, Trillium, who at two years old still acts like a kitten and wants nothing more than to be Percy’s best friend.
As the only staff member without a dog, the pups who visit the store are especially a treat to see. I love all that I’ve been able to learn about dogs personalities and physical needs, an area of knowledge I was lacking in before working at Healthy Pet. It is an aspect of pet ownership I still experience vicariously (due to Percy’s absolute intolerance for canines) so don’t be surprised if I often refer to my co-workers dogs during conversations.
I embarked on the adventure of being a Healthy Pet employee in November of 2016 and never looked back. This is my first job in retail, and I certainly got lucky. Not only is the customer base familiar and kind, I couldn’t have predicted just how wonderful it is to be a part of the process of helping people when their animals are in need. It’s often an ongoing puzzle – especially with cats - to find the best possible solutions for each individual pet and owner, but finding that solution is immensely satisfying on a personal level and the ultimate goal of Healthy Pet. I’m the type of person that tends to work behind the scenes, so I may not be as visible as my co-workers sometimes; but working with customers is a continuously growing pleasure and I will always do all I can to help you find what you’re looking for.

Meow meow

Meow Meow - Treat and Wet Food Quality Control Specialist/Scale, Laptop and Paperwork Supervisor

What can’t this lady do?! We adopted Meow Meow in the summer of 2016 from the fabulous Newberg Animal Shelter. Despite Meowder’s sweet yet sassy demeanor, and beautiful resting judgemental face, due to her age (approximately 15 at adoption) and some skin and allergy issues, this kitty was just not finding a home. We knew right away she was the perfect fit to rule the roost at Healthy Pet though. We love her dearly and she is spoiled rotten. You can usually spot her napping behind the counter in one of her many beds, eating, or overseeing business from her perch on the scale. She is a lean, mean, eight-and-a-half pounds she’ll have you know… 
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