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While food is half the battle when it comes to pet care, there is SO MUCH MORE that goes into that other 50%. Because we pack the store full of so many options, and we are constantly updating and rotating stock, we couldn't possibly list all of our products here. But, below you'll find info on many of the fun and necessary things we carry that will keep you and your pet happy and thriving.
Pet supplies
We've got a whole aisle! Below are some of our favorite brands, but please call or stop by if you are looking for something specific. We're also always bringing in new treats! We have a huge variety of bulk biscuits that are healthy and affordable. In addition, we have more freeze dried, training treats and jerkys than your pup can dream of.  Our selection includes many  grain-free and hypoallergenic options, organic biscuits, locally made treats, and more! 

*Orijen/Acana     *Vital Essentials     *Uncle Larry's
*NutriSource/PureVita     *Plato     *Bixbi     *Real Meat
*Honest Kitchen     *Plato     *Kona's     *Zuke's
*Wag More Bark Less     *Darford     *Basil & Baxter's
*Snook's     *Wet Nose     *Natural Balance   &    MANY MORE
Like with treats there's far too many brands to list here, but below are some of the staples. We have puzzles, treat dispensers, nylon toys, rope and tug toys and every ball your dog could dream of fetching. We have soft toys, tough toys, and ones that make all kinds of noise. 
~ Chuck It!   ~ Jolly Pet   ~ Outward Hound
~ Kong   ~ JW   ~ PetStages   ~ Starmark   ~ Pet Lou
~ OurPets   ~ ZippyPaws     ~ Nylabone   ~West Paw
 Mosey, walk, frolic or run: Regardless of how you and your dog get outside and exercise, you need the right equipment! While we're sure dogs exist that walk perfectly on a leash, all the ones we know need some "help" remembering manners.  Here's an idea of some of the products we carry to keep you and your pet safe and under control.  Including items from RC Pet Products, Spindrift (Oregon Made!), Wonder Walker, iPuppyOne, Doggie Design, PetSafe, Halti, Sporn, Flexi, Wigzi, FourPaws, Kurgo, Hamilton, Sprenger and more!
~Collars  ~Martingale Collars  ~Prong Collars  ~Step-In Harnesses  ~Front Clip Harnesses  (and other corrective harnesses)  ~Comfort Harnesses  ~Head Halters/Collars  
~Gentle Leader  ~Leashes  ~Waist Leashes  ~Rope Leashes   ~Training Leads  ~Retractable Leashes  ~Tie-Out Stakes & Cables  ~Couplers  ~Reflective Equipment  ~Muzzles  
~Booties & More
A pup's desire to chew can be pretty powerful and this need doesn't go away with age! Ideally, none of us want our dogs resorting to table legs or shoes. And for their sake we don't want them turning to sticks and stones outside either. So instead we offer a wide variety healthy, natural chews for your dogs.  Below are some different ones we recommend. HOWEVER, please talk to us about your dog specifically. Depending on size, strength and motivation, every dog may have different ideal chews!

- Bully Sticks!   - Yeti Chews (Yak Milk Based) 
- Cow Ears, Pigs Ears and other yummy parts
- No Hides! (Great Digestible Alternative)
- Marrow Bones (Raw, Smoked, Cleaned or Filled)
- Antlers, Tree Roots and more for the powerful chewers

*While we do sell a small amount of rawhide, we generally do NOT recommend these for the average dog. It is not digestible, and if consumed too fast or in too large of pieces it can cause major digestive issues.
Whether your dog's idea of adventure is a 10 mile hike, or a car ride to the neighborhood park we've got you covered. We have lots of great travel and outdoor gear from companies like Kurgo, Solvit, Canine Friendly (RC), Snoozer and more! In store we keep seat belts, car harnesses and car seats (in addition to crates) to keep your pet safe in the car, and car seat/cargo covers to keep your car safe too! We also have stairs, ramps and lift assist harnesses to help older and larger dogs travel with ease. Once you've made it outdoors we have lights, reflective vests, trail boots, travel water bowls and first aid kits to keep you and dog happy and safe while exploring the outdoors. 
In addition to all this travel gear we have TONS of cute and practical apparel for pets. Our selection of sweaters, fleeces and waterproof jackets from companies like Gold Paw and RC Pet Products is enough to keep any dog cozy and dry through the wet Oregon months.
There's no stopping dogs and cats from getting dirty and making messes, but luckily there are lots of ways to make your pet, and your home, spick and span again!  Whether you have a muddy dog that wants inside, a puppy who had an "accident" or a shedding kitty in need of a good brushing, we've got all the tools you need...
- Shampoos - Deodorizers - Cleaning Wipes  
- Brushes, Combs, Deshedding Tools and Nail Clippers  
- Drying Doormats and Shammies 
(^A must have in Oregon^) - Carpet Cleaners  
- Potty Pads - Diapers (Reusable and Disposable)  
- Male Restrictive Bands - Potty Training Aids 
 - Poop Bags, Bag Dispensers and Yard Pick Up Tools
For many pets, a high-quality, premium diet is going to keep them happy and healthy for many years. But, that's not the case for all of our four legged friends! Many dogs and cats have ongoing ailments and illnesses that, in addition to vet care, can be helped by something other than just their food. Owners are also often looking for products to help prevent the onset of common problems like tooth decay and hip and joint pain. So below we have a list of of many of the types of supplements we carry. But, this list is far from complete and we would love to talk to you about your pets specific issues or your concerns when you come by the store.
DENTAL - Chews, toothbrushing supplies, food additives and other supplements
HIP & JOINT - Traditional Glucosamine/Chondroitin products, CBD oils/treats, and other alternative and natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers
DIGESTIVE AIDS - Pre & Probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber supplements and more! (Ask us about Goat's Milk!)
SKIN & COAT - Fish oils, immune boosters and more
VITAMINS - Multivitamins for over all health, to complete an incomplete or lacking diet and more!
FIRST AID - For minor injuries, hot spots, and basic post-surgery recovery
CALMING - Homeopathic and natural calming supplements, pheromones and more
Nothing is better after a long day of running, playing, fetching and snacking than a cozy, comfy place to sleep. We have an awesome selection of beds from quality companies like Jax & Bones, Rover Rest, Snoozer, Aspen Pet, Midwest Pets, Precision and more! We stock all the tradition styles: Donut Beds, Loungers, Mattresses and Crate Pads. We also have cuddle cups, and hooded beds for smaller dogs and cats. In addition to beds we have several types of crates for the den loving dog. We keep metal and plastic crates in stock in addition to soft sided crates, X-Pens, and smaller soft carriers for travel also!  
The world of beds is seemingly ENDLESS. And so many great companies have so many great options! So, for every bed we have in store there are likely 20 more options out there. If you don't see what you're looking for, we can likely special order exactly what you want!
While many of the products above are for both dogs and cats, our feline friends have a very special set of needs and demands, and therefore have their own section of products just for their royal selves!
TOYS - Of every shape, size, color and variety!
TREATS - Freeze Dried, soft treats, dental treats, and other supplemental snacks too. Don't forget the 
CATNIP! Dried and fresh, live plants. CAT GRASS TOO!
LITTER, BOXES & ACCESSORIES - Wide selections of different types of litter, litter boxes and scoops. We have litter mats, attractants and deodorizers too
CAT FURNITURE & CARDBOARD SCRATCHERS - Locally made cat trees from Salmon Falls, Willow Works and more. Scratch post and various types of cardboard scratchers too.
COLLARS & HARNESSES - Breakaway collars and also ones that stretch for safety in case they ever get snagged on something. Also harnesses and leash sets so your kitty can safely explore the outdoors too
SUPPLEMENTS - Products for hairball control, hip and joint issues, dental health, immune support and more!
Squeak - Chirp - Swim - Bask 
Dogs and cats aren't the only pets that need love and care! Although not a huge portion of our store is dedicated to these pints size companions, we try to keep the basic supplies you may need.
Chickens! - Food, scratch, supplements and treats. Including Organic and Non-GMO options. Limited supply of bedding/shavings
Small Animals - Food, toys, treats, and bedding for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats and mice
Birds - Healthy diets for most types of domestic birds. Toys, treats, perches and cage accessories too.
Fish - We have a few small goldfish and male bettas for sale. In addition we have foods and tank supplies for freshwater fish and ponds too! Including live and fake plants, gravel, filters, air pumps, heaters, water dechlorinators and more. We also have a few small glass aquariums and decorative items as well. 
Reptiles - CRICKETS, MEALWORMS and WAXWORMS TOO! (And the stuff you need to keep live food alive) We have bulbs, substrates, heaters and tank accessories also.
Wild Friends - Suet, seed and more to keep your backyard friends happy year-round!  
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