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Raw and Freeze-Dried Foods

Feeding Outside of the Box

          For nearly 70 years kibble has reigned supreme in the pet food world. During that time more and more companies have emerged creating better and better dry food options for our dogs and cats. Even though kibble has come a long way, it's not necessarily the ideal diet for every animal. Research is being done every year, giving us a more detailed picture of animal's nutritional needs. Cats, for example, are TERRIBLE water drinkers. They benefit greatly from a hydrated diet. Along with canned food, raw and hydrated freeze-dried can fill this need. 
         Raw, and other alternative diets can often be a solution to dog health issues too. For instance some owners, whose pups have chronic food allergies, find that switching to, or rotating through raw diets can help solve, or avoid allergy symptoms. Although food allergies are by far not the only cause of these things paw chewing, ear infections, dry itchy skin, hot spots and more can all be symptoms of an allergy. 
        There are also plenty of dogs with highly sensitive digestive tracts, who do well on a food with as few ingredients as possible, or as minimally processed of a diet as possible. Raw and dehydrated diets can come in handy in these cases too. Because they don't have to be cooked and formed into the kibble the way dry foods do, there are ingredients that can be left out. 
        Or, maybe you are just looking to avoid all starches in your dog's diet: Whether because of a major health issue like cancer or diabetes, or you just want your dog's skin, coat and muscles looking as fabulous as possible. Maybe you have a picky dog, older dog, or dog that needs to put on weight. Introducing freeze-dried may help in these cases. The possibilities might seem endless, but we're here to help you sort through your options, and give you more information about the benefits of different types of diets. 
RAW 101
        Raw isn't for everybody, as every body is different. Dog or cat, big or small, old or young, each of our pets have unique needs. While raw works great for some owners and animals, it may not for others. So much about finding the ideal diet for your pet is trial and error. You also have to figure out what fits with your lifestyle. There are some specific things that become more important when feeding raw. 
  • You have to treat it like raw meat, because it mostly is! 
  • Raw diets come frozen. Once thawed, food should be fed within about 3 days. Although some companies specifically state that they are "fridge stable" for longer. 
  • After being fed, food should be consumed or discarded within an hour or two of leaving the fridge
  • Bowls, utensils, surfaces and storage containers should all be cleaned after each use
  • Dogs and cats have a very short, fast digestive tract compared to us humans. So while many bacterias that would sit, and cause trouble in our systems, will not be in a pet's gut long enough to wreak havoc. But, that bacteria has to go somewhere! Make sure to pick up all waste in a timely manner and dispose of it properly.  
Scroll down to see a list of the raw, freeze-dried, dehydrated and air-dried foods we sell!
Many of our alternative foods have frequent buyer programs - Ask us to get you started!
Raw Foods We Carry
Columbia River
Nature's Variety Instinct*
NW Naturals*
Rad Cat
Small Batch*
Stella & Chewy's*
Vital Essentials

In addition to these diets, we also stock a variety of raw bones, raw supplements, and even doggy ice cream! We can also special order any item from these companies and others, that don't quite fit in our freezers. Just ask!
Freeze-Dried, Air-Dried & Dehydrated Foods We Carry 
Honest Kitchen*
Nature's Variety Instinct
Northwest Naturals* 
The Real Meat Company*
Small Batch*
Stella & Chewys
Vital Essentials*
Ziwi Peak
*Dog Formulas available in store - Cat Formulas available for special order where applicable*
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